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How To Make Money On Instagram Through Multiple Streams

How To Make Money On Instagram Through Multiple Streams

How To Make Money On Instagram Through Multiple Streams


Dependent upon your audience and content, Instagram provides numerous avenues for earning revenue; including sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and opening an ecommerce store.

Neil Patel, an industry expert in digital marketing, claims you can start making money with as few as 1,000 followers and consistent engagement. The key lies in finding the ideal combination of methods to maximize earning potential.

1. Sponsored Posts

Influencers with large audiences can get sponsored by brands that want to showcase their products through you. You will likely need to tag the brand in your posts and include their contact info in your bio for this sponsorship to work properly.

Make money by creating digital or physical products to sell. For example, Ron Jones of Instagram fame offers comprehensive fitness programs through Sellfy that combines his training experience with mental health techniques.

No matter which approach is taken, it’s essential that your audience knows about any sponsored posts. By disclosing sponsored content you ensure their trust while adhering to Instagram’s branded content guidelines and potentially avoid fines or legal action.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Instagram provides an ideal environment for affiliate marketing, with half of users shopping weekly on Instagram and the platform’s content formats-images, stories and livestreams-allowing creators to recommend products suited to their audience’s interests easily.

Instagram’s native affiliate tool allows creators to tag products directly in posts and receive commission from any sales that result. This option is open to influencers with at least 5,000 followers on Instagram.

ShareASale, Rakuten, Awin, and CJ Affiliate offer platforms where you can locate affiliate programs and track earnings. An affiliate network also helps keep your business consistent by providing one dashboard for managing links and payouts – creating a professional image among audiences and brands alike.

3. Selling Prints

Establishing an ecommerce store on Instagram can be an excellent way to generate some additional cash flow. The key is building up a large following and then selling photos, stickers or other products created by yourself that your audience finds appealing.

One easy way of doing so is selling photos to stock photo websites. This approach provides artists with an invaluable opportunity for repeat sales that allows buyers to use them whenever they please.

Instagram provides another great opportunity for making money: selling physical products. In order to succeed at this method of monetization, however, much work needs to go into finding products that align with your niche and producing high-quality content surrounding them.

4. In-Stream Video Ads

No matter if you are an influencer or just someone with great photos to share, Instagram offers many ways for anyone to make money. Just remember it takes time and commitment to build up an audience for your content and ensure engagement on it.

If your Instagram audience is large enough, one way of monetizing it could be as an affiliate marketer and working with brands in sponsored posts – which involves promoting products through your feed for commission on every sale that it drives.

However, if your following is large enough, you could also sell physical or digital products through your own online store. Personal trainer Ron Jones uses Sellfy as his own storefront where people can purchase his workout programs to download.

5. Fan Subscriptions

If your Instagram content focuses on travel, fitness, fashion, business wealth/finance or lifestyle-related niches such as travel, fitness or fashion then fan subscriptions could be an opportunity for earning. With this model, followers pay an ongoing monthly subscription fee for accessing and engaging with your feed while exchanging private messages between you.

Though this form of monetization might sound dubious, it can be an ideal solution for influencers without enough time or money to invest in building their own ecommerce store. Unfortunately, however, this model doesn’t work for every type of account: for instance if your focus is selling dating advice or low-quality products then this method won’t work well for you. In order for it to work successfully you must first cultivate an engaged following; create a business account on Instagram; comply with Instagram Partner Monetization Policies before initiating this monetization method.

While this may seem like an unsustainable option, it’s worth considering if you can manage to build up an engaged audience. By creating value-driven content based on snippets from your books, you can build a community around your brand and drive revenue through this monetization strategy.

By adding a paid subscriber link to your profile, you can also promote your paid subscriptions through other social media platforms and even through email marketing.

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