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Common Marketing Mistakes To Avoid: Tips For New Marketers

Marketing Mistakes

Common Marketing Mistakes To Avoid: Tips For New Marketers


An effective marketing strategy can bring in new customers and make your business profitable, but it is vital to do your research and avoid common marketing blunders that many businesses make.

Members of Forbes Business Council share key marketing mistakes for entrepreneurs to avoid, from casting too wide a net to waiting too long to create the ideal campaign.

1. Not Having a Marketing Strategy

Establishing a marketing strategy takes time and effort, but is vital to its success. Setting clear objectives for your team to follow allows them to focus their efforts on those tactics most likely to help reach business objectives.

Your strategy should encompass an understanding of your target market, your unique selling proposition and goals that can be accomplished through marketing activities. Your marketing plan must also include market research to back up and validate decisions made.

An effective strategy requires clear responsibilities and accountability so that each team member can contribute fully towards carrying out its plan.

2. Not Having a Plan For Social Media

Marketers begin every financial year with an actionable social media plan; however, half-way through many find their efforts are failing to produce results. Employing hindsight as your guide here: examine which parts of your marketing have proven most successful for you, and incorporate those elements into a new plan.

Break your marketing goals down into smaller tasks that your team members can complete to help make reaching them easier. For instance, an objective such as increasing follower count by 25% could be divided up into several smaller tasks and completed over time.

3. Not Having a Plan For SEO

As one of the primary marketing mistakes you can make, failing to have an SEO plan in place is one of the biggest errors of judgment you can commit. For your business to be found online, an effective SEO plan must encompass keyword research, content creation and link building – not to mention keeping up with industry trends and constantly monitoring competitors’ strategies so as to stay ahead of competition (or else your presence may languish far below page 1)

Marketing doesn’t need to be complex or costly – with just a bit of planning, your company can generate serious interest among prospects, leads and customers – as well as drive increased traffic volumes and customer acquisition rates.

4. Not Having a Plan For Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an excellent way to stay in contact with customers, but it’s essential that you plan your approach before sending out emails. Otherwise, you risk inundating subscribers or missing opportunities to interact with them effectively.

Set SMART goals when setting out your email marketing plan to ensure the campaign meets its intended results and has a positive effect on your business. Furthermore, content should provide value to customers – this means timely emails with relevant messages that add real benefit should also be utilized otherwise your audience could become disinterested and opt out.

5. Not Having a Plan For Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be an excellent way to drive visitors and leads quickly. Before running advertisements, however, it’s essential that a plan be in place so as to prevent costly mistakes such as not tracking ads properly or attributing closed revenue directly back to specific marketing channels.

Studies of your competitors should also be an integral part of business growth. Doing this will give you an idea of their strengths and how you can best compete with them, along with creating a unique selling proposition (USP). Maggi has had incredible success thanks to their 2-minute noodles which has stood them in good stead over decades of business success.

6. Not Having a Plan For Customer Service

As modern consumers increasingly demand superior service from companies they patronise, and third-party review sites and social media provide them with platforms to voice their experiences, it has never been harder for companies to overcome a bad rep.

Setting clear objectives and metrics when updating your customer service plan is vitally important to gauging its effectiveness. Without clear measures of success, it will be hard to tell whether or not your changes are actually bearing fruit.

Alongside measuring customer satisfaction, it’s also crucial that your team learn empathy and patience. Customers often express their anger through emotions; therefore it is imperative that your team listens attentively without interrupting.

7. Not Having a Plan For Lead Generation

As lead generation is the first step of customer acquisition, having an effective plan in place is essential to your marketing strategy.

Without enough leads coming in, expanding your business may prove challenging. A thorough plan must be created on how and why leads should be generated as well as anticipated results.

As part of your follow up plan, it is also crucial that you devise a way of keeping in touch with leads. Doing this regularly through emails or special promotions could ensure they remain engaged with your business and stay interested.

8. Not Having a Plan For Growth

Refusal to identify key metrics and how you will attain them is a common marketing mistake that can derail marketing efforts, leading to lost sales and time. Therefore, it’s vital that businesses stay on track and have a plan for growth. 15 members of Forbes Business Council share tips on avoiding common marketing blunders that cost new entrepreneurs time and money; from casting too wide a net to not measuring results a good marketing strategy can be one of the best investments a company can make.

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