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8 Social Selling Mistakes Your Team Should Avoid


Social selling can be an effective lead generation method that enables you to establish meaningful relationships with potential prospects while engaging them through relevant content. But it’s vital that you learn how to avoid common social selling pitfalls.

Buyers quickly abandon sellers whose profiles don’t provide useful and pertinent information, so make sure your team avoids these social selling mistakes to maximize its efforts and get maximum return for its efforts.

1. Trying to Sell on Social Media

Social media shouldn’t just be treated as another marketing channel; selling on it requires taking an approach focused on building relationships and engaging customers.

Selling without first establishing trust can be an expensive mistake that can drive away potential customers. Your audience needs to feel that they can rely on you and not feel bombarded with sales pitches; bombarding them will only turn them off and push them away from you brand.

For effective social selling, it is crucial to understand your target audience’s pain points and then create posts and content to address those needs.

2. Making a Bad First Impression

Sales professionals understand the value of making an impressionful first impression; otherwise, you risk alienating potential customers and turning away business altogether.

First impressions matter even more in social media selling than they would in-person, yet many salespeople treat their profiles like resumes instead of a place to build relationships and establish trust. Therefore, it’s essential that salespeople avoid these social selling mistakes that might seem harmless but could cost potential business a significant opportunity.

3. Not Taking Time to Understand Your Audience’s Needs

Selling on social media has become more mainstream, yet many businesses still struggle with how best to leverage it for sales purposes. Too often they make critical mistakes that hinder their efforts significantly and sabotage any attempts they might have at successful social selling.

One of the greatest errors a company can make is failing to recognize their audience’s needs, which can prove disastrous when trying to sell your product or service to prospective clients. Without understanding their desires and wants, selling anything effectively becomes increasingly challenging.

By following social media posts of your audience and listening to what they say, it is possible to gain valuable insight into their needs. By understanding their most pressing problems and how your products and services can address them, this knowledge can help you tailor products or services accordingly.

4. Not Creating a Content Strategy

Social media can be a valuable marketing tool, but without an organized content strategy in place it can also be risky. Without one you risk wasting both your time and resources posting irrelevant or useless material that won’t get results.

Starting your content strategy requires setting clear goals and understanding your audience. One effective method for doing this is creating buyer personas – fictional profiles of your ideal customers that help create content that resonates with them.

Understanding when your audience is most active online is also crucial for posting appropriate, engaging posts at the appropriate times – leading to more interactions and sales opportunities.

5. Not Using Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics tools can save both time and effort on your team. Plus, using them makes it simple to monitor and optimize marketing initiatives.

Social media analytics are also invaluable tools for improving sales strategies, such as discovering what types of content resonate best with your target market.

Be sure to present yourself in your best light on social media. Just as you wouldn’t show up to a networking event wearing pajamas, your social media messages shouldn’t send out pitches or create bad impressions; rather, focus on building trust among your target audience by sharing valuable and educational content.

6. Not Targeting Your Audience’s Pain Points

Social selling can be an excellent way to reach potential buyers and expand your business, but if you’re not cautious enough you could make mistakes that derail your entire campaign.

As you begin, it is key to understand your audience’s pain points in order to effectively meet their needs. You can do this by monitoring online behavior or researching public groups and forums.

Discover their pain points by listening to comments or emails they send your way, conducting polls or surveys directly, or collecting direct data via polls and surveys. Make sure not to post too much promotional content as this could turn people away.

7. Trying to Sell Without Establishing Trust

Striking out at sales without first building trust will only alienate potential prospects. According to Demand Gen Report, 80% of buyers consider trust as the deciding factor when making a purchasing decision.

Salespeople need to establish relationships and demonstrate their value on social media, offering information and answering inquiries in an approachable way.

To achieve this, it is crucial that your team members receive proper training. Doing so will enable them to engage with new and existing customers, understand their needs, and offer appropriate solutions. Furthermore, training allows your staff members to effectively communicate goals amongst team members while tracking progress.

8. Not Using Articles

Social selling can be an effective tool for companies that want to foster strong relationships with potential customers, but in order to experience optimal results it’s crucial to avoid making some common errors when engaging in this form of selling. Here are a few such errors which should be avoided for maximum impact:

One common error in team communications is failing to utilize articles to distribute useful and useful content to followers, leading your team to appear fake and pushy.

To avoid this scenario, be sure to carefully read all content you share and add your personal flair when sharing it. Doing this will allow your company to stand out from the competition while creating an authentic presence. Also be sure to post articles regularly so as to engage with followers more and build brand trust.

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